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21 February 2010 @ 01:29 am
 Since I'm not really on DA anymore, I figure I might as well post some art here - not that anyone will see it, but, lol.

Very quick doodle of old embittered-redeemed Anakin from Masquerade.

He needs to be more masculine and more old, but just the simple scribbling getting his hair color(s) down has really helped.
04 February 2010 @ 12:34 am
Another scene from the big overarching fic Masquerade, about a redeemed Vader.

All you need to know for this one is that Vader is fighting with the Rebel Alliance - it's 99% 'dream' sequence.


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26 April 2009 @ 02:20 am
>Biometrics identified.
>Folder /journal opened

Okay, Journal, I wish you could help me out with this, because damn I am wondering what exactly happened to Xanith. I think if he was raised by slicer hounds he would still not know how to flirt, but he'd still know where to stare when a pretty lady walks right by and gives you The Eyes if you know what I mean. I have got to work with this whole thing.

I really do wonder, because it's not just the women, it's like he doesn't know how to be around people sometimes. I guess I lucked out with Andi, in a way. Well maybe not that far. I still think it's better to just never have that then have it and have it taken away. But I guess being part of a gang did teach me to have friends, whether I wanted them or not, and I at least know how to get along with people.

Maybe if I talk to Bones, he'll know a little something. He knows Xanith better than I do, anyway.

Or maybe Xanith's just smart and knows how much trouble women are... that girl talked her master into letting her come along with me to Naboo. I guess I can't really refuse now that I offered but it's going to be a week solid of this, I promise you:
What's the matter, Sterling? Why are you being so quiet, Sterling? Can I sit and watch you meditate, Sterling? I feel really bad, let me apologise about everything, Sterling! Why don't you like me yet, Sterling? Will you ever like me ever, Sterling?
But what if you live forever, Sterling? But I want to ignore your point and talk in hypotheticals that will never happen!

Well, all right, I'm exaggerating, but if I prepare myself for the worst it means I get to be happy when she's not like that, right? And if I'm meditating it'll be almost the same as going alone... Either that or I convince her that she should just stay in Theed and I can go out to the lake country by myself.

Oh, I forgot, this trip keeps getting better all the time: since my birthday's coming up, my mom's demanding a visit. ...Joy. I guess I've got to go, though.

I wonder if I should even do anything for my birthday. Do Jedi even have birthday parties?
26 April 2009 @ 01:50 am
Another quick drabble, starring evil!Ahsoka.

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25 April 2009 @ 08:57 pm
So every so often I'm going to write some drabbles in this journal that may or may not be crossposted on DeviantArt.

This one is from the little universe of my story Masquerade (chs 1, 2), but pretty far past what I've written already.

Basic summary is that it's an AU with a redeemed Vader who has switched sides to serve the Rebel Alliance.

More in depth summary is that it is revealed Palpatine shortchanged Vader greatly with armor, restricting his power, and made sure he stayed loyal with a mind-control serum; when he was 'rescued' by a group led by Ahsoka Tano (and given new state-of-the-art mechanics), this came to light, and so he is serving the Rebel Alliance out of guilt, and because Luke has been taken in his place and similarly drugged to serve Palpatine (though much more begrudgingly than Vader). It's only because of evidence of this serum that the Alliance accepts him. Leia has sort of unofficially become his 'handler', because although she hates him, she does remember Luke confessing to her that they are brother and sister (and that Vader is his father, and, therefore, her father) and so does her best to put up with him. This is set a bit after Ahsoka herself joins the Alliance properly.

And finally, on to the story.

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31 March 2009 @ 01:31 pm
>Retrieving data... please wait.
>Passkey? ... Passkey accepted.
>Opening recording.

The holovid shows Komtisse Dikko, standing straight in front of the recorder in her dress uniform.

Greetings, honored individuals of the United Hrathi Nations. This is transcript nineteen from Komtisse Dyzlen Dikko, for your perusal at your convenience.

As she talks, she begins pacing.

I fear that we have picked an unfortunate time to enter into galactic politics. The net change is little, it's true, but I think we must worry about a galaxy that can so quickly go from Republic to Empire. The crisis is over now between the government and the Jedi, but them coming to blows in the first place simply strikes me as absurd - it would be as if you suddenly declared all acolytes of Khurran must be killed! She turns to face the camera, gives an obvious pause to let her audience react, and then shakes her head before returning to pacing. It is an absurd situation. I am glad, at least, that it occured so quickly I was not forced to offer any Jedi immunity and force a conflict.

With your permission, esteemed delegates, I wish to plan an excursion to the planet Abregado-Rae after contacting Jedi officials. Our goodwill gift of a statue of Khurran has not yet been delivered and since these two institutions are now split, I believe we should work at establishing goodwill with them both.

For a moment she faces the camera and hesitates before folding her arms over her chest.

Similarly, with the tumult has made it hard for us to reach out to other civilizations. With your permission, may we request funds for a ball, or party, or similar event? - Perhaps if there is enough money for a dancing troupe... She trails off, tapping her lip with a paw before gesturing widely. Something along those lines. Enough to bring others into the event so we can start to integrate ourselves. Please, discuss it among yourselves, and tell me what you think.

She bows. May Khurran bless you all.
26 March 2009 @ 06:02 pm
>Biometrics identified.
>Folder /journal opened

It's been awhile.

I should have written more. New personal best sprinting around the Temple by 15 seconds. Feeling a lot better now, and I'm not as winded when I go to train as I was. Haven't seen Xanith in awhile. That girl was leaving me alone too but turns out she went and got herself raped.

> /journal delete entry
Entry deleted.
>/journal close
Folder /journal closed.

>/journal open
Folder /journal opened.

So a lot happened.
That girl came and watched me meditate and practice and all. I thought I had finally scared her off. I don't know why she scares me but she does, it's like she's getting too close and hearing and seeing things I don't want her to hear or see. Like Andi or what I think about when I meditate. I mean the second part is easy to guess but it still seems like something I want to be my own unless you've got a right to it and I don't know if she has that right yet.

But then I saw her yesterday and she looks like every other damn girl I knew on Coruscant who said they got into fights with doors and staircases and lost because some bastard got them on a leash, not like a Jedi. Not even like a Padawan. Said she got raped so I made her go to the medbay and then I got out of there because that's something that's her own and I don't think I've got a right to it.

After a couple of days though I did look up where it was and everything, and it took work but I tracked the guy down. All I really had to do was poke around a little at similar cases. I was two days too late, he's already dead. Killed by a Sith. That's the rumor anyway.

I think that's some sort of lesson the world wants me to know right there, because I'd made it make sense in my head and I'd gotten angry without even knowing I'd gotten angry. She made me get real close to something really dangerous.
16 March 2009 @ 01:19 pm
>Biometrics identified.
>Folder /journal opened

I'm not really sure why she doesn't just quit it. By her I mean that girl. The singing one. I'm trying hard not to know her name because otherwise it'll get stuck in my head.

It's really simple:

I can't see her because I'll start to like her too much.
If I start to like her too much, she'll like me back.
I'll die and at best she'll be really sad. At worst she might be really angry.

Mostly I can't because of Andi and I think she finally gets it but I don't want her to apologize, I just want her to go away.

09 March 2009 @ 01:31 am
This small datapad is in a jeweled frame. It is labeled in Hrathi: "Property of Komtisse Dyzlen Dikko."

>Retrieving data... please wait.
>Audio transcription successful.
>Translation successful.
>Opening translated transcript...

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09 March 2009 @ 12:32 am
Booting... Welcome, user Ster_Makedan!

>Biometrics identified.

>Folder /journal opened

So I guess I have to actually type something now?

I found this old datapad, they said it'd help get my thoughts in order to start writing stuff down like what I meditated about except what I meditate about is sort of boring when you aren't actually meditating it. Thinking it. Meditating it?

It's not as if life's been boring but I still don't know to write about. I guess what happened lately will do all right. Some sort of sith ran through here while they were finishing building everything and she nearly hurt the younglings so I got stupid and tried to go fight. I know, brilliant as always. Last thing I remembered was some really bright stuff, lightning I guess? and my chest hurting and then being in that bacta tank. I CAN STILL TASTE THE BACTA IT'S SO GROSS UGH.

So they've been making me take it easy but apparently that still means watching the younglings anyway. Whatever. At least Tansy is being slightly less annoying. I did meet some girl that's about my age though. She's pretty and she sings really nice but I'm trying not to think about her. She wanted to try and be my friend really badly, or even something more. I don't think she really gets when I say I have really good reasons.

Fell on my ass and looked stupid while trying to practice today so practiced as usual. Then got beat up by one of the younglings. Training all serious in a group sucks.
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